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The dangers of numbness and losing balance with neuropathy…

Losing balance when you have neuropathy can be dangerous! Neuropathy is a condition that affects the nerves in your body, and one of the challenges it brings is difficulty in maintaining balance.

Reasons are :

  1. Your

  1. body’s proprioception can get impaired. It's like your body's internal GPS is not working properly, making you feel unsteady and more prone to falls.

2. Another thing is that neuropathy can weaken your muscles. And when your muscles are weak, it's harder for your body to support itself and recover from slips or stumbles. That's why people with neuropathy are more likely to fall.

3. Neuropathy can also cause a loss of feeling, especially in your feet and hands. This means you might not be able to notice hazards like uneven surfaces or extreme temperatures that could lead to falls. Falls can cause fractures to your hips, which can lead to surgery and complications you don’t want.

4. Lastly, it's not just about physical challenges. Dealing with frequent falls and the fear of losing balance can really mess with your emotions. You may feel anxious and less confident in your own abilities. This can lead to avoiding physical activities altogether and a decrease in your overall quality of life.

You can take steps to improve your balance today.

By taking action, you can improve your safety, your confidence, and your overall well-being.

I know it can be tough, dealing with neuropathy and the balance challenges that come with it, but I understand this condition, and I can access your specific situation when you come in for your neuropathy exam. I can provide a proper diagnosis an offer a specialized treatment options for you.

Dr Yen Nguyen


Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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