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Chiropractic Basics

Chiropractic spinal adjustments correct spinal misalignments ( subluxations) of the spine due to stressors we encounter in our daily lives- physical, chemical, and emotional stressors.



Taking medications when you begin to suffer from health problems only mask the symptoms, which actually worsens the condition, because the cause is not being addressed and can lead to chronic health issues.  

The better option would be to find and fix the underlying cause of the disease process.

Many chiropractic patients have been able to avoid drugs or even surgery by having their spinal misalignments corrected. We recommend that for most health issues, try chiropractic first as it is very conservative, non-invasive and safe before proceeding to drugs or surgery. 

Children and infants receive many benefits from chiropractic treatments in which chronic ear infections and attention deficit disorder among other childhood ailments often respond positively to natural, non-invasive, and safe management.


Women during pregnancy have many new stresses as their bodies go through dramatic transformations. Chiropractic care assists the spine in adjusting to these new stresses and allows for easier labor and delivery. In addition, optimal fetal positioning, including correcting breech position, may be achieved through specific chiropractic adjustments.

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